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Frequently asked questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to our team on Telegram or by email. We'll be happy to answer any question you may have.

    • Premium products: what are they?

      The premium products are a series of backtested Algorithms that are divided into multiple categories.

      Initially we have the One tool to rule them all, which is the main base product for all the others. This product is an index of hundreds of moving indicators, oscillators, volumes and other indicators combined together.
      Its main purpose is for manual trading. From here a new series of Algorithms arised, such as Calculus or Dominus which can be used for automated trading.

      They work in almost any timeframe, like scalping/daytrade/swing using 1m-5m-15m-30m-1h-4h timeframes. At the same you can trade in any market with them, including stocks, crypto (for automated part), indices, forex, futures and commodities(manual trading part). You can utilize them for scalping, trend trading, swing trading, or even trading options as well.

    • Where can I find the Backtests?

      Once you have access to the Algo and have applied it to your chart the strategy tester should pop up automatically on the bottom of the screen. If the backtest doesn’t pop up you can click on “Strategy Tester” at the bottom of the screen. You can find detailed backtest here : (to be added from the main website)

      Read more about how the strategy Tester work here:

    • What kind of support can you expect?

      As a MAXIMUS member you will receive help with everything that is related to your trading path. From guidence and books that you may want to increase your expertise and knowledge, to all details that are surronding the premium products, for example how to set them up, optimize if needed and so on.

    • How do I automate my trading?

      Our premium Algorithms has has inbuilt real-time alerts that can be connected to any broker of your choice that (allows automated trading). We have a guide on how to set the alerts, and where you should put the Syntax/Message from your broker as well as where to put your WebHook URL.

    • Why should you use an Algorithm?

      • An automated bot with a great backtest can help you increase your overall trading success.
      • Emotions can be devastating in trading. Let our scripts do the trading for you, without emotions and stress.
      • The algorithm makes sure that you enter and exit the market at the best time.
      • The future of trading is going towards automation, be part of that revolution.

    • What do I need to start?

      To use any of the premium Indicators you will need the following things:

      • 1. A free account with
      • 2. A broker to place trades. Examples: Robinhood, Webull, MT4, Oanda, TD Ameritrade, CoinBase, Kraken, IG.
      • 3. A third-party service that can connect TradingView Alerts to your broker, like for example 3 commas

      For the HERCULES APP part you will only need 2. and 3.

    • In which market and timeframe does the premium products work in?

      The main manual trading Algorithms such as One tool to rule them all and Hercules Volatility works in any market and timeframe.

      For the automated part some of the automated scripts that we have:

      • Scalper for 1-15 min, can work with both crypto and stocks
      • Dominus 30min timeframe with or without correlation, can work with both crypto and stocks
      • Calculus 3-4h, works mainly with BTC/ETH and other correlated pairs
      • Calculus MTF 15-30min/1h/4h can work with both main crypto assets and stocks
      • And much more !

    • Does it repaint?

      Our signals do not repaint, appear in real-time, and are confirmed on candle close.

      Repainting is where signals change based on data in the future to make them appear differently than they really are.

      A signal is confirmed only once the candle is closed. Meaning a signal could appear on your chart but is not confirmed until that candle is closed and the next candle has started.

      So as long as you use the alert on the candle close, you should never have the repaint issue our premium products.

    • Can these scripts/studies be automated?

      Yes, you will need to combine a service like 3Commas to execute trades automatically on your behalf, based on the TradingView alerts triggered by the studies.

    • Which coin can I pay with?

      USDT, however if you want to use anything else feel free to reach out to us on telegram at Hercules Trading or email us to give you the network and address for that coin

    • Do you offer free trial?

      No, however from time to time special promotion will be around. Join our Discord server or Telegram group to get the latest updates.

    • How should you use the premium Algorithms?

      • We strongly recommend to watch our products and guides videos:Here's the full playlist
      • We do not recommend anyone to over-leverage or put all your savings at stake.
      • This is not a "get rich quick - algorithm", practice and test it for at least a month or with a paper account to make sure everything is setup properly and you understand how it works.
      • That is why you should control the risk you're taking.
      • Control your risk, start with money you can afford to lose.
      • Do not over-leverage.

    • How much experience do I need to use the premium products?

      Generally speaking, Our tools and system can be used by anyone.

      No particular trading experience is needed since the Algorithms does all the Trading.

      However you need to have a good psychology and risk management, since the bot/strategy can not control that for you. You have to understand the % and that its not a perfect thing, it has its flows, it can have lossing streaks and so on. So you need to combine this with a proper mentality and risk management, which can take some time and practice.

      Also, since you have to set up the integration between TradingView Alerts to your broker you need some knowledge of how to do that.

      For the manual trading tools, obviosly an even more experience and practice is required.

      In general I always recommend to use at least 1-2months of full practice and training before starting with them live, and always start slowly, gradually increasing the capital allocated.

      As long as you have patience, you will always be rewarded !

      There is no magical indicator, algorithm, robot, EA, or signal provider that will enable you to effortlessly make money in the markets.